User manual it is a website where you can keep your user manual for all the device that you buy, or you have in your home. I start this project because I have some old stuff, like thermostat for central heating which have more than 5 years, and I try, 2 month ago, to find user manual to adjust some settings, and I try to find on the producerís web page. I do not find there because the producer does not have the user manual for this products on his web site because they not produce anymore this model. When I saw this, I realize that I can have the same problems with the old device or appliance that I have in my home and I start this project because. I think you will have the same problem like me. If you upload user manual here on the moment that you buy a device or an appliance it remains here forever (till you delete it) and you can access it easily when you need it. If already have an account, you can log in in the bottom of the page if you do not have an account you create one here (it takes only 45 seconds to do it):

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